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Already Provided

“And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah – jireh….. (Genesis 22:14).
I heard God said: ‘It will be there when you get there.’
The story was told of the son of a rich man who travelled abroad for further studies. On his
departure day, his Christian father handed him a copy of the Bible and told him: ‘all you need to
survive abroad is inside this Book.’ Earlier, the father tucked inside the Bible a blank cheque leaf
already signed without the son’s knowledge.
As expected, the young man was wrath with his father as he expected something more than the
Bible as a parting gift. After some days abroad, he started starving and placed several phone calls to
his father requesting for financial help; and each time, his father kept asking him if he’s reading the
Bible? Frustration crept in and one day, he grudgingly picked the Bible where it has been gathering
dust and behold, he discovered that inside it lied his lifeline! The father planned good for his son –
not only to take care of him financially, but that he will not be spiritually malnourished also.
Christian journey is that of faith in the Lord, the Jehovah-Jireh. Unless you’re there, you cannot fully
have it. Abraham has been walking with God for a while and has come to understand His ways, so
when Yahweh laid demand on Isaac as a ‘sacrificial lamb’, he hesitated not in carrying out the divine
instruction, for he knew that:
-God gave Isaac to him initially, therefore He owns him.
-He (God) must be up to something because He does no evil (Heb 11:19).
-That when He has finished trying him, not only will He be glorified but he (Abraham) will be satisfied.
As Abraham was about ‘murdering’ his son, he heard a voice from heaven and lifted up his eyes and
looked, and saw a ‘ram’ (Gen 22:13). The ram was already kept inside the exact place of sacrifice, but
awaiting the obedience of Abraham to God’s instruction. All you need to live a life of godliness is
already provided in Christ Jesus. Come to Jesus and stop running an errand in futility.
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