The Redeemed Christian Church of God

The Middle Day

“Weeping may endure for a night…….” (Psalm 30:5).
Little importance is placed on the day between Crucifixion and Ascension days of Jesus
Christ. Without His death, resurrection of His body was impossible. His resurrection
climaxed the entire work of redemption of human race. However, significant occurrences
definitely took place on the middle day.
The events of the second day of Christ’s death came to the climax when He collected the
keys of hell and death from the devil and rendered useless the long-term bullying of Satan in
using death as a threat to human race. The first evidence of triumph over death was
recorded when saints that were dead before Christ came back to life during His resurrection.
That middle day was marked with fierce battles in the spirit realm. Angelic beings engaged
in battle with demons and malevolent spirits over the fulfilment of Christ’s promise of
resurrecting on the third day and far beyond that, about the final redemption of human race.
There’s also unseen battles going on from the very day you were born to the world to the
day of your destiny fulfilment and much more unto the day you finish your earthly
assignment. You need a greater force from the Creator to engage the forces of darkness in
order to make a meaningful success of your sojourn on earth.
Whatever you make of the middle day will surely determine what happens on the last day.
You can’t wish it but have to demand it; and ironically it has to be backed up with relevant
heavenly evidences. Thankfully Jesus paid the price and did it for all at once; hence no other
sacrifice is acceptable apart from the one He made (Acts 4:12).

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