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Information for New Migrant

Welcome to Australia!

If you have come to live in Australia, you have made the best choice . We recommend that you visit the nearest Centrelink Office that is, if you are a legal migrant or refugee. You may be entitled to some ongoing or one off payments A call to welfare rights centre (02) 92115300 for advise on your entitlements is recommended before visiting Centrelink . Student visa holders are not eligible for payments but can get referral to voluntary agencies for humanitarian support. Please note that you get payment from the day you apply, no arrears are paid so the earlier you apply the better.For more details, visit The Department of Human Services Website.

The next point of call is the Medicare office to register for your health care. This will ensure you get free treatment whenever you need to visit a clinic. These two registrations will ensure your name gets into the Government database. You will need your travel passport for these documentations.

You are then ready to prepare for work. The first step in this process is applying for a tax file number. You can reach them on 132861 or go to for more information.You can then visit or to find suitable jobs. Most places you visit will require a photo Identification of yourself. 131450 is their phone number, you can visit the nearest office to you and get a state issued photo ID. For more information about government services, visit

The ultimate in resettlement facilitation is provided by “Migrant resource Centres (or MRCs). Visit to find your nearest office. MRCs specialise in helping newly arrived migrants, refugees, and diverse communities to settle in Australia. All services are free of charge so make use of them. They will take care of all resettlement issues and provide useful information to you. They have prepared these links based on common issues brought to them by clients.
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Welfare and Rights Centre:
Department of Immigration:
Immigration Advice and Rights Centre:
Department of Housing:
Tenants NSW-South West Sydney Tenants Advice and Advocacy:
Housing Appeals Committee (HAC):
Adult Migrant English Program (AMES):
Refugee Health:
Transcultural Mental Health Centre:
Transcultural Mental Health Centre:

Department of Fair Trading



Law Access:
Telecommunications Ombudsman:
NSW Ombudsman:
NSW Office of Industrial Relations:
Police and Road safety:
Police and community issues: