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Victory is Sweet

“As they danced, they sang: ‘Saul has slain his thousands, and…. (I Sam18:7).
Victory is an act of defeating an opponent in a battle game; and it is the opposite of defeat. All
competitors aim at been declared victorious at the end of the competition, but unfortunately only
one will be crowned the winner (I Cor. 9:24).

At the just concluded final game of the European Champions League; the match was a display of
finest mathematical football but at the end of the game, Real Madrid FC was crowned the winner
despite the best efforts of Liverpool FC. Something separated the winner from the looser and people
call it luck, but believers call it God’s favour. Beloved, the favour of God is the difference maker in
the race of life.

Success in any life issues immediately attracts loud ovation, dance and celebration. It attracts
unsolicited attention and unpaid publicity. Victors suddenly become celebrities with several perks to
their advantage.
Ironically, there can’t be victory without a contest. There’s a battle going on in the spiritual against
the fulfilment of every man’s destiny. Goliath’s gods knew about David’s destiny; hence his fury
when eventually the victor appeared to him for the ultimate contest (I Sam 17:43). God gave David
victory and that episode announced him as the next king to the throne.
A victory parade awaits every triumphant soldier of Christ in heaven. Oh, what a day it will be when
we shall be called up to receive our star studded crowns! When God Himself will rise up from His
throne, victory message read and awards presented by Jesus; there shall be loud ovation and the
saints shall weep for joy.
Jesus can make everyone a victor and that is why He’s asking all to come unto Him for rest (Matt
11:28). You too can experience victory from attacks in the spirit and physical realms. Peace, serenity
and quietness can only be found in Jesus Christ. Taste it and you’ll confess that Christ is good (John
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